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Green for Access The Green-for-Access First Loss Facility (G4A) aims to provide risk mitigation support to local lenders to encourage increased financing for energy access projects encompassing PAYG solar, agricultural productive use, solar mini-grids and stand-alone solar for SMEs. Our inaugural product is a Cash Deposit Fund that places a physical cash reserve on deposit with the local FI which may cover up to the first 20% of losses in a portfolio of energy access loans. The loans may be structured as direct lending to consumers, corporate loans to off-grid enterprises for working capital and inventory or on balance sheet/off balance sheet asset-based financing. The G4A planning stage has been supported with a grant from the Partnerships for Green Growth (P4G) program. G4A has been structured as a blended finance tiered facility; we are targeting a USD 50M first close in late 2021, with the pilot portfolios undertaken on an individual basis early next year.
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GreenStreet Africa The GreenStreet Africa Development Company is a PPP initiative to aggregate solar projects at public facilities for implementation by private ESCO/IPPs through an Energy-as-a-Service business model with financing via a local currency bond issue or bank syndication. A pilot portfolio is under development for six Federally-owned hospitals in Nigeria, through GreenStreet Nigeria, which GreenMax has established in partnership with Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency and with InfraCredit agreeing to organize the financing. GreenStreet Nigeria will act as a type of “Super ESCO” to develop the project sites, design the off-take agreements with the Ministry of Health and establish a lock box mechanism into which budget allocations for the purchase of power from the installed solar generation facilities will be pre-funded annually. The government’s obligation to fund the lock box payments will be underwritten by a third party DFI guarantee. Financing will be provided through an insured bond issue organized by InfraCredit. After a successful pilot, we will seek to expand GreenStreet to Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and potentially other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. GreenStreet Africa has been incubated and endorsed as the 2020 Energy Access Idea of the Year by the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance.
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